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Sequim Surprises at Dungeness

Every Wednesday, I go hiking at the same place.  I am looking for Sequim surprises at Dungeness!  Specifically, I am referring to the Dungeness Rec Area.  This includes a series of trails which lead along the bluff, overlooking the Strait of Juan De Fuca, as well as throughout the entire upper Dungeness Rec Area.  Additionally, there are also deer trails traversing.

My hike began near the main trailhead for the Dungeness Spit.  From there, I hiked along the bluff, stopping briefly to take pictures.  This led through a short forest section onto a meadow.



I was in complete revelry, basking in the warmth, and almost passed by this bench.  What a spot to behold the stormy clouds in the distance.  Here, you can sit for a spell.

BENCH SHOT (640x427)

After I crossed the meadow, I stopped and snapped a picture of this bird, who was obviously in agreement with its perch (the sign)



Spying a deer trail, I opted to just take it.  This narrow trail meandered through forest, and opened up by a hill.


As I turned around, I heard the fluttering of a bird.  There he was at the perfect moment.

BIRDY SHOT (640x424)


I continued on, but had to duck under the trees.  Once through this section of forest, the trail opened to another meadow, which adjoined the hiking trail.  There I was met by a scene of such serenity.

DSC_0042 (2) (640x427)

I headed uphill a short ways and gazed out over the meadow.  In the distance, faithful cheery trees were profusely blooming.  Drawn to enjoy the aroma, I carefully made the trek across the marshy meadow.


Breathing in the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, I heard bumble bees.



From there, I hiked back through the forest trail.  Like many times before, there was no shortage of Sequim surprises at Dungeness!

LAST PIC (640x427)



Dungeness Spit Lighthouse Hike – How it Began!

Lori Christie had hiked to The Dungeness Spit Lighthouse three times, two within the last year. The significance had never occurred to her, besides the obvious conclusion – that of reaching the destination.  For many years, she was very active physically, and hiking was something she just did.  It wasn’t something she thought much about.  In fact, it was mainly preparation that crossed her mind.  That perspective changed!

Over the course of the past few weeks, the topic of hiking came up more frequently in discussions.  Often, Lori was told others were limited in mobility, to the point of walking only short distances.  In some cases, she was told this lighthouse had been an intended destination, but one that was never reached.  Her own sister can’t make this hike.  This led to a decision.

DSC_0434 (2) (640x427)

There are sixty four pictures posted on the new page of Lori’s blog.  This number will increase after her next hike down to The Dungeness Spit.  That will complete the collection of images as seen through Lori’s eyes.  This is just the beginning.

There will be a new page for each notable hike or experience.  This allows Lori’s sister and all other viewers to accompany Lori on her hikes through the images she posts.  Click on this link or the tab entitled, Dungeness Spit Lighthouse Hike:

Sequim for Life

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse