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Dungeness Spit Lighthouse Hike – How it Began!

Lori Christie had hiked to The Dungeness Spit Lighthouse three times, two within the last year. The significance had never occurred to her, besides the obvious conclusion – that of reaching the destination.  For many years, she was very active physically, and hiking was something she just did.  It wasn’t something she thought much about.  In fact, it was mainly preparation that crossed her mind.  That perspective changed!

Over the course of the past few weeks, the topic of hiking came up more frequently in discussions.  Often, Lori was told others were limited in mobility, to the point of walking only short distances.  In some cases, she was told this lighthouse had been an intended destination, but one that was never reached.  Her own sister can’t make this hike.  This led to a decision.

DSC_0434 (2) (640x427)

There are sixty four pictures posted on the new page of Lori’s blog.  This number will increase after her next hike down to The Dungeness Spit.  That will complete the collection of images as seen through Lori’s eyes.  This is just the beginning.

There will be a new page for each notable hike or experience.  This allows Lori’s sister and all other viewers to accompany Lori on her hikes through the images she posts.  Click on this link or the tab entitled, Dungeness Spit Lighthouse Hike:

Sequim for Life

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse



iRealty Virtual Brokers in Sequim!

iRealty Virtual Brokers
Upon choosing Sequim as her destination for a permanent dream home, Lori began researching Real Estate Companies. These searches included information on the entire area and ultimately led her each time to Chuck Marunde. The articles written by Chuck were extensive, literally though thousands and his blog was most informative. After reading his profile, she contacted him to schedule an interview. After several meetings, Chuck invited Lori to join the iRealty Virtual Broker team!  Nearly a year later, there are countless reasons she would never work for any other company.  What sets iRealty Virtual Brokers apart?  Read on.

iRealty VirtualiRealty Virtual Brokers is a real estate brokerage like no other.  Intentionally.  iRealty was created with an entirely new approach to real estate brokerage.  We designed our business model around our clients’ needs.  Everything we do is based on our clients’ best interests.  That includes everything about how we communicate and serve our clients from the first day to closing and beyond.  When clients are placed at the center of the business Universe, it changes everything about how they are served.

We bring several critical components of our business model together for our clients.   Imagine the best technology in the world, the best Internet tools and the best marketing strategies.  Imagine bringing these tools together with a total focus to provide clients everything they need and want.

Then imagine a commitment to hire only brokers with the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and who also agree with our mission to put our clients at the center of our Universe in every way.  We will walk away from a commission before compromising our clients’ best interests.  Add to that some of the most experienced and educated brokers in the country, and you have a level of competence and professionalism that is almost unheard of.

We believe the best technology, extensive knowledge and competence, the most experience, and the highest commitment to honesty is the best way to run a real estate brokerage.

iRealty Virtual BrokersConsistent with all of this is the way we structured iRealty Virtual Brokers.  We eliminated the expensive bricks-and-mortar, because it did not serve the best interests of our clients in this modern era of the Internet.  We created technologies to serve our clients and our work behind the scenes.  We use the cloud and digital transaction management.  We’ve reduced costs so dramatically, that also increases the net commissions our Brokers take home.  That redounds to our clients’ interest because each Broker can focus more time and effort on each individual client.

We do have a small and very comfortable office downtown Sequim where we can meet clients and where agents can work, but it’s more of a coffee shop environment rather than a sterile traditional office. Typically iRealty Virtual Brokers work out of their home offices most of the time, which is true of all agents anyway, and all participate in our Virtual office meetings, training, and webinars.  They must meet the highest standards.  They also tend to be well adjusted, well educated, very professional, and enjoyable to work with.  There’s a reason we have such strong client loyalty.

In addition to the many ways iRealty Virtual Brokers offers services, this is a company who believes in supporting local community.  In launching the Sequim Business Directory website, iRealty Virtual Brokers has offered all the local businesses a free listing opportunity. Lori Christie is interviewing local business owners, photographing their businesses, and writing their directory listings for them!

This is who we are.  We are iRealty Virtual Brokers.




Back to Eden in Sequim

Sequim for Life

Back to Eden in Sequim”

“Back to Eden,” is a quaint farm in Sequim, owned by Paul and Carol Gautschi.  The name truly represents the sustainable gardening style Paul utilizes with superior results while he conserves water.  Paul gives personal tours from June through October.  In August, 2011, the film, “Back to Eden,” was released.  Here is the link to the official site:

Sequim for Life

Paul instructing and inviting his guests to partake

Everything Paul is growing, using his methods, is healthy, nutritious and mouth watering! The leafy greens and the Asparagus were delicious, succulent, and full of moisture, that is the surprising reality!  He is achieving superior results without watering! This tour was being filmed and Lori was asked to express her reaction to eating fresh greens a few times. It is likely she will show up on the film.

Sequim for Life

Healthy lush Horseradish

The process is rather simple after the bed is prepared (newspaper first, layers of compost, wood chips, and then topped with manure).

Sequim for Life

Beautiful healthy trees grown with the same method

Here is an excerpt from the site:


  1. For an ideal Back to Eden garden, apply 3-4 sheets of newspaper.
  2. Then apply 3-4 inches of organic compost or composted manure.
  3. Then an additional 2-4 inches of wood chips or alternative covering on top (should be aged & composted)
  4. If you are implementing the methods in the Spring or Summer, additionally apply a dusting of composted manure for organic fertilizer.

This can be planted in, right after you have prepared it! Lori has done this, with blooming perennial bushes, and had tremendous results. For existing gardening spaces, you just “cover” with composted/aged wood chips. In the Fall, Paul recommends “covering” again. When asked, he did tell us, after a few years, a longer span between covering is fine. He goes 3 or 4 years sometimes. He adds his “aged chicken compost mix” every spring, before he plants. That is what comes out of the chicken yard, after it is sifted, to remove the larger materials. He explained, it wasn’t necessary to age it after removing/sifting, due to the ratio of manure vs compost. For those concerned about possible ecoli risk, it is recommended aging for at least 6 months (hot composting) or otherwise a year. It would be pretty easy to plan that, just make a pile of it in the Fall, cover it up, then sift & use it in the Spring. Then, do the same thing in the Spring, to age it for Fall use.

Sequim for Life

Beautiful roses were further evidence of this growing method

Paul’s orchard initially was covered with 12″ to 16″ of wood chips, right up to the trunks of the fruit trees.  This went against all he was told at the time.  Even now, there are plenty of sources who advice against this practice.  The results speak for themselves!

Sequim for Life

All the fruit trees bearing in abundance

Lori highly encourages you to tour Back to Eden in Sequim!