Hiking in Sequim

Over a decade ago, I came to Sequim to hike the Dungeness Spit.  The trail splits into two directions.  The main trail is shorter, while the other meanders through the forest before ascending upon the beach below.  You are met by the sound of the waves caressing the shore accompanied by the call of the gulls.  When hiking in Sequim, it is essential to check the tide chart for this eleven mile hike.

Hiking in SequimMy trek began late morning to insure I could return before high tide.  For a moment, I am transfixed by this natural wonder.  I take a few minutes to splash in the Strait of Juan De Fuca, examine rocks and shells, then I will hike across the sand for a few hours before reaching the Dungeness Lighthouse.

Hiking in Sequim I arrived at 5pm the last time, but the Lighthouse Keeper greeted me and still offered to give me a tour.  During his narration, he spoke of being a descendant of the first Lighthouse Keeper.  At the end of the tour, I am invited into the display room.  The crowning jewel is this sparkling fresnel lens.

Hiking in SequimHiking in Sequim is unlike hiking in the rest of the Country.  It is rare to find such diversity in natural beauty, but it doesn’t end there.  There is a hiking choice for every fitness level and disability access also.  I regularly take a three mile loop hike, accompanied by my sweet dog, Sam.  This alternate Dungeness hike takes you through the forest, weaving through meadows with the Olympic Mountains rising majestically in the distance, along the bluff of the Straits of Juan De Fuca serenaded by the surf crashing on the shore below, and ends at the original trail head.

A few weeks ago, I took a short hike to the Dungeness Spit, enveloped in golden light, just before sunset.

Hiking in SequimI also enjoy hiking the Olympic Discovery Trail, which starts in Port Townsend and ends approximately 130 miles at the Pacific Ocean.  The route can be seen at this site:

The Olympic Discovery Trail

Sequim hosts numerous trailheads for the Olympic Discovery Trail, which runs all the way through town.  My favorite local trailhead entry is by the Dungeness River Audobon Center.  It is located at the Railroad Bridge Trestle, which crosses the Dungeness River.

Hiking in SequimThis trail is mostly paved and is accessible to hikers, bicyclists, and the disabled.

Over the years, I have hiked on many local and Olympic Mountain trails.  Since I live in East Sequim’s Olympic Mountain foothills, I regularly hike the closest trails.  Here you will find information on hiking in Sequim:


During a spectacular Fall day, Sam accompanied me for a walk down our driveway.  He looked up with his warm brown eyes, shook his tail happily, and quite literally flew past me.

Hiking in SequimThe closest hike begins on the edge of our own property!  It continues through part of our neighbor’s property, past our Slab Camp Trail sign marker, which is officially our trailhead.  This leads through our upper forest trail, passing a huge mossy boulder.

Hiking in Sequim

Hiking in SequimWhile hiking through the forested areas of our property, I have found numerous mossy rocks, but none rivaled the towering height of this one.

If you want to go hiking in Sequim, let me know.  I can recommend a great option!


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