Sequim Near and Far

A beautiful sunny day compelled me to go hiking at the beautiful Dungeness Rec Area.  During my scenic drive, I came upon deer standing in a field with cattle in the background.  The deer were glowing in the light which created a serene setting.  This was indeed Sequim near and far.  Sequim has made progress, can offer all the modern shopping conveniences, services, and activities.  Yet the roots are evident throughout Sequim, where farms remain.

Sequim For Life

Near and Far…

This image, so easily appreciated through my minds eye, was recently posted on a homesteading site.  One of the members of this site wrote this poetic tribute:

I have never been at this ranch. I know it like the back of my leather glove nonetheless–from the hills and shadows, the aged leaning fence posts, the mud ruts through the gateway, the brown from the where the hay bails were rolled out, distant defining and contrasting fence rows, the stretched improvised gate system , white tipped t-posts trailing off in there straight lines, soil building cow pies, cattle and calves going about their business, a deer checking it’s side trail. I could lean over one of the post and keep busy for a day contemplating it all.

This pleased me to know he appreciated it that much.  To think, I almost didn’t post this picture at all.  Why?  In photography, so commonly the goal is to achieve perfect composition, so much so, that the meaning can be lost in the end.  This picture tells a story, perhaps not as evident to the majority, however it is being published for those it touches.  Here in Sequim near and far.

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