Sequim Eagle Attacked the Olympic Gull!

Sequim Bald Eagle Snatches Olympic Gull in Mid-Air!

It was a slightly overcast day at the Sequim waterfront.  A friend and I hiked down to the Dungeness Spit and headed West.  As we chatted while taking in the beauty of the diverse rocks strewn about the beach, I caught a glimpse of a Bald Eagle circling high above me.  Anticipating a good shot, I quickly readied my camera.  What happened next was completely unexpected!

The Bald Eagle swooped down and collided with a gull, flying horizontally.  At first, I thought it was a simple collision, but this Sequim Bald Eagle attacked the Olympic Gull, grasping his talons around the surprised victim.  The gull struggled frantically, trying to escape the raptor’s grasp!

Eagle snatches Olympic Gull in mid-air!

Olympic Gull begins struggling for his life!

Eagle strengthens his grasp!

The Eagle barely keeps hold!

Sequim Eagle Attacked the Olympic Gull!

Olympic Gull is breaking free!

Suddenly, the gull broke free, but not without sustaining serious injury.  He fluttered to the sand.  With one mangled wing, the gull stood helpless and dazed.  I was again surprised to see the Bald Eagle again swoop down and snatch up the poor gull, flying off into the distance with his prey.  I didn’t have the heart to photograph the demise of the Olympic Gull.

Disoriented and dazed, the Olympic Gull stood near the surf!

The Eagle triumphed in snatching up the Olympic Gull and flying off with his prey!

Perched and watching with great interest, a second Eagle was perched high above upon a precipice.  He joined soon flew off, joining the other one.

Majestic Bald Eagle!

Bald Eagle soaring away!



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